Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
by Celia Hottenstein
698 plays


I know I said I wouldn’t gift out audios anymore, but hey. Happy back to school, everyone. It’s a full audio of Celia Hottenstein as Christine, which you can grab here:


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Bring Him Home
by Aaron Walpole
104 plays


Aaron Walpole - Bring Him Home

August 7, 2014; Broadway

Take note of the half a minute of applause he gets, its very rare for the alternate Valjeans to get that kind of reaction simply because they’re not Ramin -.- Glad he got the reaction he deserved here :)

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We need to talk about Jeremy Hays’ suspenders ( X )

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Phanton Of The Opera [From Phanton Of The Opera]
by Michael Crawford on Latest & Greatest Musicals Disc 1
76 plays






Does anyone know who’s singing Christine in this? I’m not familiar with the voice.

I have no idea actually… it sounds a bit like Rebecca Caine but I don’t think it’s her. Anybody have any ideas?

That’s Barbara Bonney, from his Performs Andrew Lloyd Webber solo album released back in the early 90s.

Thank you so much. I love her voice but the cd i bought didn’t list anyone except Michael Crawford and I was dying to know who she was.

She’s one of my fave lyric sopranos. I think I’ve purchased most of her solo albums and opera recordings she’s featured on. :)

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Think of Me 26.08.2014
by Michelle Van de Ven
632 plays


My (roidumonde’s) master. I really love how unsure Michelle sounds at the beginning. And what a lovely cadenza! I am simply in love with her Christine.

Raoul is Oedo Kuipers (u/s)

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Pie Jesu
by Lloyd Webber, Requiem on The Radiant Voice of Barbara Bonney
8 plays


Just sharing a random Barbara Bonney track (singing more Lloyd Webber) after the share of her singing “Phantom of the Opera” with Michael Crawford.

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Pomegranate might be the messiest fruit I have ever eaten in my life.

Pomegranate might be the messiest fruit I have ever eaten in my life.

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Dear Diary….


Dear Diary….

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From Antony’s Twitter ( x )

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Think Of Me
by Silvia Kroeger & Thomas Schulze (u/s) on July 27, 1991; Hamburg, Germany
104 plays


Obscure Christine appreciation!

Here’s Hamburg understudy Silvia Kroeger singing “Think Of Me” from July 27, 1991, alongside popular Phantom Thomas Schulze as Raoul!

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